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Sabine McKenzie is the Director of teen prevention program Core Confidence, pioneering a new world of kindness; a kindness that starts from within. It is through an insatiable desire to help others own their worth beyond their image that Sabine began key-note speaking. Bringing positive body image, self acceptance and self love to the forefront of schools, universities and communities – the perfect antidote to anyone’s inner meanie.

Sabine is backed with a plethora of physical, mental and emotional health knowledge, learnt in the combination of her physiotherapy degree, pilates experience, wellness and life coaching as well as youth mentoring qualifications. As important as these papers are, her lived experience ensures an uncanny relatability to her audience – the key ingredient to imparting actionable change.

Sabine acknowledges the intricate connection between mind and body. Her honesty is sure to be a refreshing voice in the field of wellness. Educators and organisational heads can rest assured her discussions are safe, encouraging and result in positive outcomes.

In addition to the preventative programs run through Core Confidence, Sabine is fiercely passionate about instilling worth beyond image amongst her audiences whilst breaking the stigma surrounding eating disorders and mental health concerns.

In this masterclass Sabine shares:

The what.
Body positivity vs positive body image and why the difference is so important
The why.
Reasoning behind including body image strategies in your programs/workshops/mentoring.
The how.
The good stuff. Key elements to effective prevention strategies and how we can avoid causing further harm.
3 Key Lessons
The Golden nuggets of wisdom (in my opinion!) of things I wish I knew right from the start!

As well as information on her Body Esteem resource, just for youth mentors. Email hello@coreconfidence.net with the subject line ‘Body Esteem Program’ to find out more.


In this masterclass Amanda shares:

The why
Getting online – why now?

The fast and cheap way to get online
Exploring Zoom and other platforms to get online.

How to adapt your content and engage online

How to set up your privacy policy and protect your students 

A bunch of links and resources to assist with payments, creating editable PDFs and more.