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Want to get in touch? Let’s see if we can help you out!

Try these options:

  1. Have a question related to a specific module? You can ask your own personal questions on the module pages and they’ll get sent directly to us and be completely confidential. We can then answer it on that page for you too.
  2. Have a query about your payments? Check out the Customer Centre to see your invoices, next payment date and to update credit card details.
  3. Have a question or something you’d like to share with the group? We love it when you ask things in the Facebook Group so that your question can be helpful to everyone else too.
  4. Want to submit a question for us to answer on a group coaching call or have ANY OTHER QUERIES? Feel free to email us directly – we’re here to support you >>> youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au

Stumbled across this contact us page and not part of the training? Email us (above link) to let us know you’d like more information!