Join the Coterie

a monthly business membership

especially for youth mentors.

Join the Coterie…


Who’s it for? 

Anyone who works with young people and is committed to taking their business to the next level. 

What’s included?

// Monthly Masterclasses (to keep learning + developing your skills)

// Monthly lesson plans + activity ideas (to keep offering great content)

// A dedicated marketplace to sell + buy resources to/from each other

// Co-working days to get stuff done

// Weekly accountability check-ins

All for $55 per month  FREE 3 month trial!

Month-to-month membership. Enjoy a 3 month free trial. Cancel anytime. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your credit card details but won’t be charged. Our system is set up to remind you when your 3 months is almost up so you can choose to cancel then if you’d prefer not to continue.  


Monthly Masterclasses

Dedicated sessions and expert interviews to ensure you’re always at the top of your game with everything from adolescent psychology to marketing tips.


An opportunity to buy and sell resources with your fellow youth mentors. Have you developed a wonderful lesson plan that you want to share? You can choose to sell it to other mentors!



The hardest part in building a business is often keeping focussed and on track. We’ll check in with you weekly so you can get clear on your next steps. 


1.  How does this differ from the Youth Mentor Training?

The Youth Mentor Training is a dedicated 60+ hour training course that runs over 16 weeks. While our beautiful Facebook community of alumni is supportive and nurturing in itself, it’s not robust enough to provide this additional level of support. The Coterie is an ongoing membership rather than a training course. It’s a smaller group of dedicated mentors who are looking for a business mastermind and membership community to belong to where they can collaborate, up-skill and put business practices into place that will up-level their business.

2.  What’s the cost?

$55 per month (+GST for Australian residents). We have a 3 month free trial at the moment for all youth mentors. You’ll still need to fill in the booking form, including credit card information, but you’ll see you won’t be charged on the booking form. We’ll let you know when your three months is coming up so you can choose to cancel the membership or stay with us if you’ve found it supportive.

3.  What’s the commitment?

Come and go as you like – there’s no commitment. You’re welcome to ‘unsubscribe’ if you find you’re not using it and then join again when you feel like you need another pick-me-up.

4. What are the terms of enrolment? 

Please read the terms of enrolment and community guidelines here.

5. What exactly is included?

The Coterie includes:

– monthly masterclasses which will be a combination of interviews and specialist trainings, guided by what the members would like more support with and what we come across and believe to be important as youth mentors, speakers, coaches, facilitators and business owners at the top of our game. We suspect some of these masterclasses will be facilitated by some of you too!

– regular co-working sessions. Jump on for a couple of hours with your fellow Coterie members to work on your own projects, get feedback, brainstorm and move forward. These will be held at least twice a month at varying times of day to suit a variety of time zones. There will be morning and evening sessions in AEST.

– weekly accountability. This will be a combination of a weekly Facebook group post and email to encourage you to share what you need to focus on this week. We’ll then check in with you at the end of the week to see how you went.

– a dedicated marketplace. One day a month, we’ll invite you to share something you’d like to sell to other youth mentors OR to promote anything else that you’re doing that’s related to youth mentoring. This way we can share resources and share each other’s work if it feels appropriate for us. This was recommended to us in a feedback form of the Youth Mentor Training and we love the idea! We all spend so much time creating content that we can only deliver in our corner of the world so, if you feel called to, you are welcome to sell your lesson plans to each other. By doing so you are consciously and willingly choosing to sell and share your IP so this is not something everyone will want to do. But if you want to, this is going to be a great place to do so. You might simply enjoy purchasing from some of the other mentors without any intention to sell. There are specific terms about this in our terms and conditions.  

– additional lesson plans and activity ideas. In addition to the Marketplace, we’ll be creating and sharing lesson plans too. These will be included in the membership cost.

6. How is this run? 

The Coterie runs primarily in a private facebook group with a rotation of dedicated posts including accountability posts, marketplace posts, opportunities to celebrate yourself and each other, etc. Co-working sessions and regular community calls will occur on Zoom. Masterclasses will be held on Zoom and/or Facebook Lives in the group. Any additional files and materials will be hosted in your Coterie page in the youth mentor training portal as well as being added in the Facebook group.

7. What’s a ‘coterie’?

Good question! Coterie: noun – a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.
“A coterie of friends and advisers.”  Except ours is NOT exclusive of other people. It’s inclusive. Unless we have folks who do not agree to our terms and community guidelines and who cause harm in the group, in which case they will be excluded so it stays safe and wonderful. Isn’t ‘coterie’ a fun word?!

Email us: youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au if you have any queries.

We acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we run our workshops and business.

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