I’m so honoured to have you here.

You’re in the perfect place to grow, learn and ultimately help a community of teen girls to shine from within in your own special way.

On behalf of the entire faculty, I’m so excited to have you here and be able to take this journey with you over the next 3 months and beyond.  There is a LOT of content to read, watch, listen to and explore.  Be patient and gentle with yourself but also step up and use this training as an opportunity to be the very best version of yourself, the same way that you will expect your students to step up.  As with any training program, you will get out of this program what you put in.

I’m here with you the whole way, cheering you on.

Your Progress…

In each module you’ll find a checklist at the bottom of the page.  Please tick off your tasks as you’re going along.  Once you’ve completed everything for your module, your progress pie chart will automatically update and let you know how much you’ve progressed through the course.  How fun is that?!