Do you dream of creating a space for girls where they can:

Be open and honest with no judgement,

Develop important life skills

& Completely embrace the person they truly are within?



Do you want to:

Empower them,

Help them feel like they are enough,

& Share what you’ve learned with them?



Then you, my friend, are in the right place!

We know you want to make a difference.  We know you want to help.

You know that this is what you’re meant to be doing.

You are drawn to working with youth.

You wish there were programs and mentors around to support you when you were a teen girl.

You believe in the power of self-development.

You are feeling a calling, more and more, to hold a space for teen girls, empower them and nurture them.

You are craving an opportunity to put your caring, giving spirit to use and tap into what you truly have to offer the world.

No matter your age, you have learned a thing or two and feel that it’s your duty to share this with the next generation of women.

You might even feel like everything has led you to this point (seemingly random jobs, those books you read, that course you took a while ago…it wasn’t for nothing!)

And you want to go on this next journey with support around you. 

Perhaps you just need a bit of guidance.  A few TOOLS to make sure you create

something that will really serve the girls you’re hoping to reach.







  1. A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher
  2. An influential senior sponsor or supporter

Synonyms: Advisor, Coach, Guide, Instructor, Teacher, Trainer

 Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training

is an award-winning* online group coaching program that will give you the tools to nurture, mentor and hold a space for teen girls.  You will learn how to connect with teens on their level, craft workshops and courses that could change their lives and do it in a way that supports your needs, strengths and lifestyle. The business of running programs for teen girls is also covered, ensuring that you can reach and support as many beautiful girls as you want to, in a variety of formats.  You will gain the knowledge and tools to work with teens, mentor them and run successful, heart-centred workshops for them based on your strengths and passions.  

*Winner, Best Program of the Year at the BYCA Awards 2017

Your Teachers: 


IMG_2065 - Version 2Amanda has been teaching and presenting to teen girls on and off for over 12 years, since she was a teen herself!  She’s built up an arsenal of qualifications over the years in business, events management, life coaching, youth mentoring, wellness, eating disorder prevention and more.

Amanda worked for a number of training schools in her late teens and early twenties but founded Shine From Within in 2012 after going through a 2 year battle with cancer.  It was this life-changing experience that inspired her to re-evaluate her own life and feel called to provide her own nurturing space for young women and share some of the important lessons she had learned during that experience.  For the past 5 years, Amanda and her small team have been dedicated to educating and inspiring hundreds of teen girls to truly shine, inside and out.

Some of Shine From Within’s events have included Mother-Daughter Evenings, Nourish Workshops, Back 2 School Workshops, School-based programs for primary and high schools, 5-day Personal Development courses and 8-week ‘night schools’ for teens, 2-day courses for tweens, Sisterhood Evenings, one-on-one mentoring (in person and via Skype), being involved in youth camps and conferences and providing a range of workshops for not-for-profit community groups.

Amanda has appeared on The Today Show (Channel 9) and Today Tonight (Channel 7), been mentioned as a ‘game-changer’ in The Collective magazine and is a regular columnist for Nature & Health Magazine and Profile Magazine.  Amanda and her programs have been featured in Peppermint Magazine, Wellspring, Cleo Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, The Australian, The Courier Mail, Lorna Jane’s Sporty Sister of the Week, Inspired Coach Magazine and more.  She’s currently writing a book for teen girls that will be published by Hay House in 2017.


I LOVE working with teen girls.  But getting started on my own business with Shine From Within was tough.  I felt alone at times and craved support from someone in the same industry.  I reached out to a couple of women who I admired and looked up to in this industry but didn’t hear a response.

So when women started getting in touch with me wanting to work with teens but unsure of where to start, wondering if they could do it and wanting to “pick my brain,” I just knew I had to find a way to support them.  I truly believe that there can never be enough programs or support in the world for young women.  If I can help you tap into your own values, strengths and passion to hold a space for teens that is uniquely yours, while also giving you all of the practical information I’ve learned along the way, then I will feel so proud.  It’s my dream to help more girls and I can’t do it without you – let’s help more girls together!

Yvette Luciano

“Amanda Rootsey is a light beam who is guiding young women to step up and shine from within.  A true joy to work with and witness light up the lives of all beings who cross her path.  Mandy is the most gentle, humble and loving soul I’ve ever met.”


Kim Morrison

“I am so excited to be a part of this incredible initiative and to work alongside the amazing Amanda Rootsey.  I recommend this course to ALL women wanting to be their absolute best version of themselves, its about finding that inner spark and shining the light for all,”

Best-Selling Author, Mum + Aromatherapist,

+ Guest teachers, including:

Julie Parker

CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Josh Shipp


Christina Leggett


Thania Siaw


Yvette Luciano

CEO, Soulpreneurs

Dr. Arne Rubinstein

CEO, The Making of Men

Johanna Parker


Heather Yelland

DIRECTOR, Green SuperCamp

Jane Bennett

FOUNDER, A Celebration Day for Girls

 Matt Kershaw

CEO, yLead

Kim Smith

FOUNDER, Standing Strong

Stephanie Taylor


+ more!

 Hear from some of our recent graduates…

Lana Marks

“Don’t hesitate, jump straight in!  Amanda has provided a great learning platform and her gentle delivery and influence throughout the program has been delightful.  I was very impressed with the scope of content, not only that but the personal journey derived from the content was immensely valuable and unexpected.”

Hilary Wallace

“Amanda Amanda Amanda, what can I say!!!  I have LOVED everything about your course.  Quite frankly I can listen to you talk all day.  Your level of details is outstanding.  Your guest interviews were fantastic because I got a good idea of all the different avenues that are available.  Even if I choose to not work with kids, you have provided an amazing template for holding any sort of workshop/course.  And I loved that you can watch, listen, read and get the slides for each lesson. I am a visual person so watching/reading/hearing you was perfect.”

Health Coach [Sydney, NSW]

Leah Castle

“I honestly feel the course was above all expectations. The wonderful resources provided are just amazing.  I’m so proud to say I’m a Shine From Within Youth Mentor. If anyone else is considering doing some incredible work with teens then I can highly recommend doing it.   And the connection with the other Youth Mentors have created friendships for life.”

Youth Mentor  + Family Support Worker [Sunshine Coast, QLD]

Ashley Wheeler

“I loved all of the content!! It was clear that so much thought and love went into creating such a wonderful tangible product and each module has paired so wonderfully with the work that I’m doing with some of my students in individual counselling.  If you are thinking about enrolling in this program, I would say, ‘Go for it!’  You will walk away with a greater sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the needs of young people.”

School Psychologist  [USA]

Amy J Springer

“This program will quickly help you realise whether helping youth is something you want to pursue.  Do it whether you are sure or not.  It will help get clarity and give you a starting point.”

Youth Mentor [Perth, WA]

Shas Patullo

“The SFWYM course is uplifting and insightful.  Amanda is one of the most authentic and genuine people I know, her passion for working with teens is contagious.  Personally, I have learnt an abundance from the course including understanding why I want to work with teens, the direction I want to work with them, and the desire to want to keep learning more.  I’m now mentoring a girl at the local high school and loving it.”

Youth Mentor [Victoria]

Amy Cook

“With no previous experience working with youth, only curiosity, a hunch and a nudge, this program has given me everything I needed to truly follow my heart and honour a life’s calling!  The connections I’ve made have made the learning even more valuable, kept me accountable and moving forward.”

Youth Mentor [Toowoomba, QLD]

Sabine Fleitmann

“I’m just so so ecstatic that things are moving ahead and even though the nights are later and the mornings are earlier – I love it!! The worksheets and modules have been an absolute blessing. I keep referring back to them and have found them to be a truly indispensable guide in these early stages. I feel like I’m constantly thanking you – but seriously, THANK YOU!!!!”

Youth Mentor + Physiotherapist [Perth, WA]

Renee Bell

“I started this course, having seen and felt the vision I had for Little Girls with Great Big Dreams (about 2 years ago now) but still with no idea where to take it… I knew that even if I didn’t follow the path of being a Youth Mentor in a traditional sense that the course would help me some how and in some way as a parent.  And that it did, particularly a few little things right at the start re the teen brain and the way they learn/experience really resonated with me.  So I wanted to say a big huge thanks to you Amanda for putting this course out to the universe, and for all the amazing resources you have brought together into the one place. The member’s portal is a treasure trove of information, resources and inspiration and I still have so much to explore in there!  It has helped me incredibly as a parent to understand how my daughter is growing and developing, and also to look back and consider how hard some things may have been for me at that time, and what could possibly have helped.  My daughter and I are now busily preparing our first workshop for teen girls!”

Photographer + Youth Mentor [Newcastle, NSW] //

Gabrielle Goldklang

“I loved this course so much. Not only did it inspire and motivate me to take action in working with young women, it gave me practical, easy-to-manage tips about how to go about setting up my business and run successful programs. Thank you so much Amanda!  You are a true gem!”

Youth Mentor  [Byron Bay, NSW]

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 Why is this work so important?

Body image is one of the top three personal concerns of young people aged 15-19 in Australia*

About 20% of teens will experience depression before adulthood in the United States

Coping with stress is the number one personal concern for young people in Australia, alongside school or study problems.  Young women in particular are increasingly overwhelmed with more than half saying they are either extremely or very concerned about coping with stress*

*Mission Australia Annual Youth Survey 2014

  Young women are struggling like never before.  As they try to find themselves and carve out their unique identity and place in the world they are faced with more scrutinising and comparisitis than ever before.  They have endless information and inspiration at their finger tips – they are connected yes, but can often be deeply disconnected from themselves, the people around them and the environment.  They can snapchat you in a heartbeat but can’t introduce themselves.  They are growing up in an age when their online identity can sometimes feel more important than their ‘real life’ identity.

Now is the time for more support, connection and mentors to step up for these young people to turn to.  Now is the time for us to create spaces and experiences for young women to connect in person and develop important life skills.  Now is the time for the village to come together to help support the child.

“All of us have the ability to come into a room and to be an unwavering pillar of belief for a group of young people…that’s something we can choose for ourselves right before we step into a room and that alone, is a really powerful thing for a young person,”  Jo Parker [Guest Teacher] 


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