Your questions answered
What are the terms & conditions of enrolment?

1. Agreement     These terms and conditions form the agreement between Shine From Within (“us” “our” “we”) and our Trainees (“you” “your”). This agreement commences when you enrol in the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training program and continues until termination is made in accordance with these terms. We may update these terms and conditions however any changes to our terms will only apply to new Trainees who enrol under the new terms.

2. Participation Requirements   You agree to participate in the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training Program (including use the Membership Site (“the Site”) and Facebook page) in good faith and in a way so as to not bring disrepute or cause reputational or other damage to Shine From Within. You agree to set aside the allocated time required to complete your studies where possible and engage with other Trainees in a respectful manner.

3. Intellectual Property    Shine From Within retains the right to all intellectual property (whether registered or not) that is created by us and you agree not to disclose, sell, share or deal with our materials in any way other than for your strict private use.

4. Refund Policy If you decide that you would not like to complete the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training program, we will provide a refund to you (less a $200 admin fee) provided that you request this within the first 30 days of course commencement and have provided all worksheets and proof of commitment to the program.

5. Termination This agreement will terminate automatically at the completion of the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training program. This agreement will be terminated without notice if you fail to pay any amounts owing by the due date. This agreement will be terminated if a refund is issued during the 30-Day Money Back Refund period. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement if a breach of the terms occurs. We also reserve the right to terminate this agreement in the unfortunate event that we become unable to provide the services requested, in which case all monies paid for work not undertaken will be refunded.

Can I get a refund?

When you enrolled, you agreed to the terms and conditions of the program (explained in the above point).  This included a 30 day refund policy.  We believe so much in this program that we offer a money-back 30 Day Refund policy, which means you can do the first 2 modules and if you find that this is not what you signed up for and you can prove you’ve done all the work, we’ll gladly refund your money, less a $200 administration fee.  In order to receive a refund, you will need to submit your homework within this 30 day period for our assessment.  Once this period has passed, there will be no refunds issued.

The exact wording of the terms that you agreed to: “If you decide that you would not like to complete the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training program, we will provide a refund to you (less a $200 admin fee) provided that you request this within the first 30 days of course commencement and have provided all worksheets and proof of commitment to the program.”

Email youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au if you’d like to discuss this.

Do I have to hand in homework?

No.  This is a self-learning course so you will not be assessed on your work.  You will, however, need to submit all work if you ask for a refund to prove that you have attempted to complete the course as we know how powerful this course is if you do the work.  The refund period expires after 30 days (after Module 2).

You are encouraged to share your learnings in the Facebook group, ask questions on the coaching calls and are welcome to email youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au if you need any assistance or would like feedback.

Do I have to be on Facebook to participate?

No.  We always have 2 private Facebook groups – one for the entire youth mentor community (everyone who has done the course) and one just for the current intake).  We’re aware that not everyone loves to be on Facebook so any important information shared in the Facebook groups is also shared via email.

BUT there is a lot of richness, support, connection, handy links from others and inspiration in both of the Facebook groups so we strongly encourage you to set up an account to join us.  If you don’t like or use Facebook we recommend setting a bookmark for our group page so you can go directly to the group and bypass all other Facebook nonsense. 🙂

I'm worried that I won't be able to make one of my payments on time. What should I do?
Please email us ASAP at youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au to discuss this.  We’ll be as flexible as we can be provided we are given notice and all payments are received by the end of the program.
When are the live coaching calls?

Check out the schedule to see the dates and times of our coaching calls, as well as links for each one.  Each call should go for approximately 1 hour.  The coaching calls will be conducted via a conference call that you can join via a website, a local call and pin or Skype.  The web and Skype options are free but require a stable internet connection and the dial-in option will cost you the cost of a local call (as long as you find the right number for you to call for you).

You will receive an email with details on how to access the call in advanced.  You can also pre-submit questions that you’d like Amanda to answer by sending your questions to youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au

I can't access the coaching call...
Check out the trouble-shooting guide at the bottom of the schedule page to get help connecting to the conference call.  Most things can be fixed by looking at that.  You can also email youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au for assistance and Leah will help you out.
Why can't I access all of the Modules?
This is a drip-fed course, which means that the modules are released each fortnight.   This way we can really dive into the content of each module before moving on to the next one.  You’ll automatically gain access to the next module on the appropriate date.  You can check out the schedule to see when each module is released.
Will I be able to run Shine From Within programs (like your Tweens Course) at the end of this program?
No.  This course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create your own wonderful programs.   A licensing program for people wanting to run Shine From Within programs, with all of our content, scripts, outlines, teacher tools, etc is in development and, at this stage, will be by invite-only to people who have completed this Youth Mentor Training and stand out.
When are the in-person events?

We run a number of events exclusively for youth mentors throughout the year.  In October 2018 we have a retreat-style event so that we can get together for a few days.  We found the August 2017 retreat was by-far the best way to connect during 2017, rather than lots of smaller events.  You can read all about it and book in here.
These are not compulsory events to attend and incure an additional charge.  They are usually filmed so that those who cannot attend still get to reap the benefits!